Cruise review Midnatsol May 12 – 23, 2010 – By Ann MacKay

The world’s most beautiful voyage is how the Hurtigruten cruise line bills the coastal voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes. They are so right! The voyage is rarely on open sea so you have scenery most of the trip.

My husband and I were traveling on a tour arranged by travel agency so we had a pickup from our hotel to the dock. We arrived about 6 p.m after an all day Norway in a Nutshell® tour. Check in took seconds and we boarded with our carry-on bags. The cabin cards were handed to us as we entered the covered walkway to deck 6. The deck 6 entrance is only used at Bergen. Our bags were waiting at the entrance to our cabin. Since we were doing a round trip and started at the home port, baggage handling was done by the ship crew.

Worlds most beautiful voyage

Ship: We had an starboard outside cabin on deck 4. It was 2 cabins away from the atrium where the elevators are located. All the traffic on and off the ship on the voyage takes place on deck 4 by the elevators so it was very handy. The ship has its own gangway which opens up on the side of the side. Stand on deck 5 and watch the gangway open sometime. It is very interesting.

There are two other openings in the side of the ship further down for cargo and cars. The ship doesn’t have to rely on port gangways which take time. The ship is very efficient getting in and out of ports. Some stops were for only 15 minutes. I learned how they did visiting the bridge.

The cargo hold is designed for pallets so the forklift trucks would be whipping around on the dock unloading or loading. At Stamsund, we had over an hour stay so while we were out walking around the village, the forklift operators were unloading mattresses and building supplies.

There is another elevator near the back of the ship serving decks 4 – 8. It is handy for those in the stern of the ship. Public restrooms are available near the dining room on deck 5 and near the main elevators on deck 5 and 8. There is a conference area on deck 5 which is used for presentations or conferences. It is not an entertainment venue. We did have three slide presentations on the ship: The Royal Family, National Day and National Costumes. We are onboard for National Day, May 17. There was a parade around deck 9 with flags, banners, and people in national costumes.

Cabin: Our cabin was very functional. We had a cabin with one twin bed under the window and one perpendicular to it. The bed under the window made into a sofa during the day. The beds are hard but still comfortable. The covers are duvets with a quilted liner. It was too hot for me so I just used the sheet. There was one extra pillow in the room and we asked for another. There are two wool blankets to use on the outside deck. Yes we needed the blanket when lounging topside.


You receive one bath towel and one hand towel to start. If you want a clean towel, leave it on the floor. There are no washcloths. I brought a few with me. There is a mounted container of hand soap/shampoo by the sink and in the shower area. To save room packing, I used Twitter @HurtigrutenASA to find out that there was a hair dryer in the bathroom.

The cabin has a desk area with small mirrored cubbies on either size of the big mirror. There is a plug by the mirror which I used to charge the camera batteries and iPad. You will need a converter and adapter for the European style plug.

The hanging closet had two sections (his and hers) with 5 hangers in each section. The clothes hang front to back rather than side by side. There were two sections of shelving in the main closet and two more big shelves by the desk. The suitcases fit under the bed.

The bathroom was very functional and I liked it better than some of the US market ships. There is a step up to the bathroom. There is a small step down to the shower. It is designed to have an angle to allow more room. The curtain is long enough to keep the water in the shower area. The shower head can be kept mounted on the pole or used as a hand-held. There is a retractable clothes line. The floor can be heated with the switch on the wall outside the bathroom. There is a big wall cabinet with shelves for all your toiletries. I still had space in it after stowing everything. There is a towel bar by the sink with wall mounted cup holders.

I found out that the inside cabins do have TV as well as the suites. No TV in the outside cabins. It was not missed. The telephone has some radio stations that you can listen to.

There are 4 washing machines on deck 4 close to the rear elevator. You purchase a token from reception and they give you the soap. The dryer is free. There are posted instructions in English. The machines are labelled in Norwegian. We did two loads for about $10.


What to do: If you take the round trip cruise you will receive a 130-page book with colored photos and an explanation of what you will see broken down by days. It is a great resource to read about what you are seeing along the way. The Tour Director does make announcements as in three languages, Norwegian, English, and German. English is always the second one. She gave us a heads up to what scenic wonder was coming our way so we could get to observation lounges or the correct side of the ship. You can turn off the announcements on the phone in your cabin if you like.

As mentioned, there are many lounges without any waiters to bother you about drinks. If you want a drink, you go to the bar and get it yourself. There was a tray for self-busing cups and glasses in most lounges.

We liked the forward lounges on deck 8 and 9 and the library on deck 8.  The library has games and some English language books left by passengers. The deck 8 and 9 lounges have windows on three sides so you had a great view of the scenery. Deck 9 lounge is actually open to deck 8 lounge.

Deck 9 had three major sections, the inside lounge, the outside deck with glass walls to protect from the wind and the back deck. There are many teak round tables and matching chairs near the doorway to the inside deck. The smokers were usually in this area. We liked to lounge in the back. The chairs are not loungers so if you want to put your feet up, use another chair.

Food: I was more impressed with the food than other reviewers. The food presentation at dinner was very impressive. Two chef teams took over the buffet area (in the center of the room) to dish up the food. One did the sauce, one plated the entree and sides and another added the garnishes.  We received a booklet with the menus for the trip so we knew what night we would have the reindeer or the salmon.

Granted the breakfast and lunch buffets didn’t vary much but they had a different hot breakfast item daily and hot lunch items. I discovered the hot oatmeal and added the dried fruit and granola stuff to it. There was soft and hardboiled eggs very morning. I liked  the whole grain breads. They did have a breakfast pasty item each day. They had a 6-slice toaster if you wanted toast. We learned to grab juice and water from the machine and stake out a table for the open seating breakfast. Than we headed to the buffet to stock up. Keep in mind the buffet is designed for the European market so expect cheese and cold cuts on the breakfast menu. Where else can you have cottage cheese and herring for breakfast? My husband was delighted with the 4-5 cheese selections at breakfast and lunch. He reports that they were mostly soft, all delicious, but no cheddar.


You won’t find tacos, pizza, or hamburgers on the menu. If you want french fries, go to the snack bar and pay for them. The soups were excellent. I like  smooth cream soups and these were excellent. Who knew asparagus soup could taste so good. The desserts were good and don’t miss out on the slab ice cream at lunch. I didn’t discover that until day 4!

Coffee: The coffee came out of one of the machines where you press a button and you get a cup of coffee. It is strong! I would have a cup with breakfast and than take another cup out to the lounge. Coffee was not provided at the dinner table. The coffee machine is located on deck 8 by the bar. After dinner you go for coffee. If you want coffee between meals, you pay 25 KOR ($3.85) for a cup. They do have a coffee plan which is good for an entire year! You pay 209 KOR ($32.20 at this time) for a red metal lined mug which allows you to get coffee or tea for the trip. If you were a commuter and traveled frequently, it would be a good deal. We opted not to do that and were fine with the free coffee after meals.

Water: Although there are signs on the dining room table for purified water for 19 KOR, we found out that you just ask for tap water and they bring a carafe of water (no ice) to the table. They do that at lunch and dinner. I brought my own Camelbak water bottle with me which I refilled from the bathroom sink.  The water is nice and cold and tastes like bottled water.

Tours: We went on the following excursions: (Northbound) Trondheim Folk Museum, Tromsø City Tour (Polaria and Arctic Cathedral), and (Southbound) Tromsø Midnight Concert [the ship arrives at 11:45 p.m.], Lofoten Islands countryside tour, Trondheim City Tour (includes Nidaros Cathedral). We might have gone on more tours but cost was a factor. They are not cheap. My husband says, the Folk Museum could have been skipped.

Midnight sun

I did the Bridge Tour to see the Captain and the Bridge on day 11. I found it very interesting and worthwhile. That is posted in the daily program.

Shopping: The gift shop on board has a very nice selection of Norwegian products. We ended up doing most of our souvenir shopping on board. There is a nice gift shop at the Polar Bear Club in Hammerfest right by the dock. By the way, the public library is across the street and has free wi-fi. There is a nice gift shop and ice bar in Honningsvåg close to the dock.

Internet Access: There are 4 computers on deck 8 by the library. There is a 40 KOR ($6.22) charge per hour of use. I used my iPad and iTouch with the wireless that is available in the public areas. It is satellite so the reception is dependent upon a good signal so don’t expect much when in the fjords or when there are mountain ranges on both sides of the ship. The mountains do impact reception. Deck 8 or 9 is the best. There is no coverage in the cabins and deck 5 is not as strong as deck 8.

Staff: The staff are great. All are Norwegian and most switch effortlessly from Norwegian to English to German. The staff work 22 days on and then 22 days off including the captain. We did see some new faces over the course of the cruise. There is not a culture of tipping so we didn’t have to worry about an add-on for tips like most cruises. There is a big wooden bowl by the head waiter’s desk at the entrance to the dining room. There is a small sign that it is for TIPS with Thank You in several languages. We were told the money is shared with the cabin attendants also. We left the rest of our Norwegian money in the tip bowl on the last day.

The staff are helpful, have a ready smile,  are efficient but are not fawning. Since the Hurtigruten line does ferry and cargo service besides us tourists, they have some systems that are not the same as a regular cruise line. What you won’t see: no towel animals, no nightly program in your room, (pick it up in the announcement area on deck 8), no turn down service, no free between meal snacks, no singers and dancers (singer and keyboard in the lounge deck 8 in the evening), and no rah-rah cruise director. What you will find is a comfortable trip in the midst of spectacular scenery with plenty of time to relax and read or look out the window. As Americans, we were in the minority. The prominent groups were Norwegian and German.

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MS Fram, Norwegian Highlights cruise, departing Dover 09 April 2010 – By Scott Hall

As real Hurtigruten fans,  we’d been onboard the explorer ship MS Fram before and now it was our chance to cruise on her.  Where were we going?  Antarctic?  Arctic?   No, on this occasion it was the opportunity to combine sailing on this ship with cruising the Norwegian fjords.

We embarked in Dover.  Getting to Dover from Scotland should have been easy,  sleeper train to London and then train to Dover (tip: take the fast train from St Pancras).  Unfortunately a strike threatened so we travelled early.  Was this a problem?  I did wonder what would we do with 4 days in Dover?  Well, if I tell the truth, 4 days wasn’t long enough to see everything.

Star attractions were the Roman Painted House, the sea front and, of course, the whole day spent at Dover Castle.  (tip: take a taxi right up to the top gate).  We stayed at Dover’s Restover B&B where George was very helpful with information and also looking after our luggage.  Opposite the railway station, it is ideally situated providing you are fit enough to climb the stairs.

Dover, white cliffs & castle

Ship’s check-in was 15:00.   Most people we talked to found their accommodation check-out time was around 12:00 so, like us, they arrived early at the cruise terminal.  We need not have worried,  our luggage disappeared into the security area as soon as it was unloaded from the boot of the taxi.  We moved through into the passenger secure area very quickly and found the cafeteria open and staff waiting to serve a nice selection of food and refreshments.  It would have been useful if Hurtigruten had told us about the hours and facilities of the cruise terminal in advance.

So to the cruise.  We boarded, obtained our cruise card, registered our credit card and found our cabin very quickly.  Our lectures and meal sittings (dinner only) were arranged cleverly around the language spoken (the passengers were mainly English and French speaking).   Muster drill followed and the crew checked that we all attended.

The officers were introduced to us during the first evening and, during our sea day on the North Sea, we were invited to attend lectures including the important one on how to safely board the Polar Cirkel tender boats.

Lectures were planned every day and they were relevant to our cruise,  proving more relevant than anyone expected with subsequent events!   Each day we were given an introduction to the following day’s ports of call.  I admired the flexibility of the expedition team- when there was something of particular interest happening, lectures got rescheduled so no-one missed out.

Sunrise over Norway

The Fjords.
The weather was with us, lots of warm sunshine allowing us to stand on deck admiring and photographing the spectacular scenery.  The crew’s enthusiasm, having arrived home, was contagious and made the cruise all the more special.

We were made welcome wherever we called.  Many passengers joined excursions,  others strolled around the villages, mixing with the locals and finding time to buy souvenirs.   Sometimes we were met by locals and schoolchildren who were as excited at seeing us as we were excited to visit them.  More often than not we were the first ship of the season to call-  even beating the first regular Hurtigruten ship into Geiranger.

Waterfalls tumbled down the steep slopes (although some were still frozen), snow covered mountain peaks glistened in the warm sunshine.  Wildlife, realising spring had arrived,  emerged into the sunlight.  Deep, narrow, dark fjords made me wonder how the ship had managed to negotiate them.  Words cannot do justice to the experience,  all I can say is that I plan to go again next year!

Narrow fjords (Gudvangen)

Nature’s surprise- the Icelandic Volcano
The skies became oppressive but wonderful as they filled with volcanic dust clouds.  We could see why no planes were flying!  Our forecast sunshine was blocked out,  it got colder and there was a little rain.  The news came through that the Icelandic volcano had erupted.  Major disruption,  worries for the population but excitement on MS Fram.  One of our lecturers was a geologist with a particular interest in volcanoes and suddenly he had a better example than he could have hoped for.  His lectures proved very popular!

Volcanic clouds

There was disruption for some of our passengers who realised that they were not going to be flying home on schedule.  For some, the solution was to book on the following Baltic cruise and stay with MS Fram.  With the crew’s help,  other passengers were booked into hotels.  Where possible, alternative transport was found and gradually the passengers relaxed when they realised that Hurtigruten wouldn’t leave them standing on the quayside in Oslo.  Independent passengers had to pay their own way but again Hurtigruten helped sort out arrangements.

We visited 4 cities-  Stavanger, Alesund, Bergen and Oslo.  Somehow I’d always imagined Stavanger (the oil capital) as very industrial.  What a pleasant surprise.  We walked into the centre of town and explored the lake and surrounding area.  Being a Sunday, we found ourselves mixing with many local residents who were also out to enjoy the hot sunshine.


Bergen is a city we know and love.  Our first stop was the tourist office to buy our Bergen card giving us free or discounted access to many of the attractions and transport.  Knowing we were returning to Bergen for 3 days before going home, we weren’t in a rush to take in the sights but instead enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the fish market and harbour.  The fisheries  museum is beside the cruise terminal and, run by volunteers, is worth a visit.  Other passengers travelled on the funicular, visited the aquarium and took the excursions.

Oslo was new to us.  I arrived, not knowing what to expect.  Big cities aren’t really my favourite places but Oslo turned out to be an exception.  I suppose it isn’t too big with  less than 600 000 inhabitants.  We disembarked from the Fram and checked into our hotel.  I’d contacted them in advance to ask if we could leave our luggage.  Not only did they say yes,  but our room was actually ready for our morning arrival.

Sunday again,  we were able to investigate the area around our hotel and take many photographs in the almost empty streets, empty apart from Tori, Fram’s photographer.  Our hotel receptionist directed us to the tourist office to buy our Oslo pass and, after a coffee, we joined the ferry to go to the museums.  The museums aren’t on an island but rather they are on a peninsula but it makes far more sense to catch the ferry across than to travel round.

MS Fram was named after the polar ship Fram of 1892 and here, in Oslo, we visited the ship in the Frammuseet.  An amazing ship with equally amazing sailors and explorers.   I won’t spoil your visit by telling the stories here but will let you make an exploration of the museum yourself.  (Be warned;  allow quite some time for your visit if you want to really soak up all the atmosphere and information!)

MS Fram

Over the 3 days in Oslo,  we visited many museums.  Often people think of visiting museums when the weather is bad.  Visiting the open air ‘Norsk Folkemuseum’ proved the opposite and we enjoyed the warm sunshine as we viewed the buildings of many ages that have been transported to the museum and rebuilt on site.

The Train
After our 3 days in Oslo we made our way back to Bergen on the train.  Comfortable and warm,  we watched as we climbed higher into the mountains and the temperature dropped outside.  Spring turned back to winter and we found ourselves in a blizzard.  The snow was still several feet deep and the lakes were frozen.  People were on skis or snowmobiles because the roads were still buried.  We descended back down through the seasons until reaching Bergen where it was, once again, warm.  It would have been worth doing a train journey just for the changing scenery (an excursion from the Fram did just that) even if we hadn’t been returning to Bergen.

Snow from the train

The Ship
Well I’m probably biased,  once you’ve travelled on a Hurtigruten ship you’re spoiled for sailing on any other.   Mostly a working fleet of cruise ferries carrying passengers, freight and cars along the Norwegian coast,  they are comfortable with great food.   Fram is no exception except she was designed for polar ice and the Polar Cirkel boats replace cars on her car deck.

The standard cabins are small but have lots of storage space and a good ensuite bathroom.  I don’t think you need anything more because this is the type of ship where passengers prefer to mix and discuss the day’s sailing.

With lots of deck space (some sheltered) we were often outside admiring the views and taking photographs.  When the weather did turn cold or wet for short periods (can we blame the volcano?) we sat in the observation lounge and listened to the piano being played while watching the scenery.

I’ll have to start arranging next year’s cruise soon.

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An Unequaled Experience – By Jason Dunning

I arrived for my 2’nd trip aboard the MS Trollfjord on March 15’th, 2010. I had taken her from Tromsø to Bergen before but now this was going to be the 12 day Classic Round Voyage.

The first couple of days were mainly blizzard like conditions. You had a few times where the sun would break free from behind the clouds. For the most part, it was grey and white. Still, my eagerness for the coming days was growing. I had seen that the weather was going to improve by day 4 and that also the index level for the Northern Lights was up to a 3. So I knew as long as the sky could stay clear, the lights were going to be seen.

They did not disappoint. On the 4’th night, after eating a decent meal at the Lofotor Viking Hall, as the Viking King proclaimed, our prayers were heard. The moment we stepped out of the hall there was a great show of grey/white/green lights above us. We drove back to the ship and I went straight to my cabin to dress in warmer clothes and headed upto deck 9. There were quite a few people already up there as apparently the light display was even better earlier. With camera in hand I was then able to try my luck in photographing the lights for my first time.

I had a difficult time at first, then after speaking with the ship’s photographer, I was able to begin capturing some nice shots. Then as if someone flipped the light switch off, the lights disappeared. I on the other hand did not. I stayed outside for most of the night. Even catching a nap for about an hour. Waking up in Stokmarkness with a great night time view of the old Finnmarken.

The next day was by far one of the greatest of my life. We pulled into Tromsø (hands down my favorite place on Earth) and I went straight from the ship over the bridge and in less than 30 minutes was standing by the famous Arctic Cathedral. After another 25 minute uphill walk, I found the cable car that for 99 NOK will give you a round trip up to the top of Storsteinen and back down.


It was a perfect clear sunny sky the whole time I was up there. Providing just stunning views of Tromsø down below. So after I made it back down, I waited at the bus stop and for 26 NOK, I took bus #26 back to the city center. Then it was less then a 10 minute walk back to the ship. But not before some shopping was taken care of.

Outside Tromso

That night we were treated to an even greater and brilliant display of the Northern Lights. All along while the ship stopped just outside the mouth of the great Trollfjord. Not that anyone was looking because all eyes were aimed at the sky. Even the ships crew (who were not working at the time) were outside joining the passengers for the show. Pinks and greens filled the sky. Again not a cloud in sight. Just the stars and the dancing lights.

And just like the previous night, with a snap of the fingers the lights went away. Such a perfect way to end a perfect day.

Northern Lights

The other main highlight of my trip (there are plenty to choose from) was going to the North Cape. I had wanted to go there for many years. Always planning on that road trip, but had yet to do so. Now I was standing there in pure awe! “Top of the world Ma” as the weather changed from clear, to cloudy to clear to snow to hail in a bat of the eyes. The wind blowing the hail so strongly, it would cut the skin on my face if it was not shielded. That actually made me more excited. Because for me, there is nothing greater than feeling the power of Mother Nature. And she showed us all sorts of weather while in one location. Walking along the fence and looking down at the sea knowing the only thing between you and the North Pole is the Svalbard Islands.

North Cape

The cliffs shooting straight out of the sea was just breath taking to see. Walking back to the main building, I fell through the snow up to my waste. Again bringing nothing but smiles and laughter to me. You do realize just how much of a unique location you are standing in while at the North Cape.

The remainder of the trip was also filled with great sights to take in. From the Seven Sisters mountain range to standing under the Old Finnmarken back in Stokmarkness. The fabulous food and the staff whom some of them I have become friends with, this was by far the greatest trip I have ever embarked on.

I look forward to the day I step back on the MS Trollfjord and get back to where I feel at peace… sailing along the beautiful coast of Norway.

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“A Fairy Tale Wonder World” – By Sjaak Lagewaard

We made the round trip from 12 to 23 April. We flew to Oslo first and made a train trip from Oslo to Bergen before we boarded M/S NORDNORGE. In Oslo we had beautiful weather, so we enjoyed ourselves near the harbor. The train trip to Bergen was awesome, you  see nature change from fresh spring in Oslo to winter in Finse.

And then the Hurtigruten trip… we were really looking forward to it, but it exceeded all our expectations.

hurtigruten ship

The ship was really beautiful, with lots of artwork and shining brass. Although the ship was  fully booked, we were surprised how quiet it was most of the time: there was always enough possibility to find a good place to sit and enjoy the view, to read or to have a chat: in the Panorama Lounge, bar, the arcade, the cafeteria or on deck, it was never crowded. Sometimes you had to wait for a table during rush hour for  lunch, but never more than a few minutes.

Breakfast and lunch were abundant and really good, diners were also very good, alternating fish and meat. Diner was in 2 seatings. We chose the second seating, after which it soon became really quiet so it was good to relax in the Panorama Lounge.

On board it was really relaxed. The crew tried hard to please everybody, they always found time to chat. Even when the restaurant was crowded, the waiters gave you a lot of attention.

We had passengers from 12 different nationalities, most of them were over 50 years old. The passengers were very diverse, most people we met had travelled a lot, so they had interesting stories to tell.

The trip was really special: Every meter of the coastline is interesting to watch! We had been in the south of Norway before, and we had seen some of the Hurtigruten movies on YouTube, so we expected it to be quite green, but we were surprised to see so much snow! We sometimes felt to be in a fairy tale wonder world.


We were extremely lucky with the weather. It was mainly bright, we had some rain or snow showers, but they were soon gone. Temperatures were mostly just above zero, which was even nice on deck as long as you stayed out of the wind. We didn’t have any rough weather. You sometimes could feel you were on a ship, but we soon got  used to that. The ship sails mostly between the islands, sometimes there is a stretch of open sea for 2 or 3 hours.

The stops are often a bit short – sometimes less than an hour, but some stops give you enough time to see all you want. There are a lot of excursions you can do – we did the Saltstraumen RIB safari, the North Cape the Husky Adventure and the Sea Eagle Safari. Especially the Husky Adventure was unforgettable!

We can recommend the trip to everyone who likes nature, tranquility and good food.

We think April was a good time to make the trip, but we are curious how it will be in Summer or Winter, so maybe we should do it again… who knows!

Norwegian flag

See for a report in Dutch and for more pictures.

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Exploring Artic circle with M/S Midnatsol – By Sivalingam Arunachalam

We departed from Trondheim on the 9th of March after having a nights stay in Radisson Blu Royal Garden hotel and boarding the ship M/S Midnatsol for Northbound voyage. For the next 5 days my home was on Midnatsol. The ship was cozy with some good art work onboard, paintings, excellent crew members including captains. I have been waiting for this trip to have my dream come true of visiting Norwegian fjords and one of the most amazing cruise you will ever find in the world. Our main focus was HUNTING THE LIGHT.

The excursions which we took part were unforgettable like Lofoten Viking feast, Dog sledging (it was so fascinating to see those cute huskies howling, tireless dogs, sledging in different terrains of slopes and bumps in a deep snow) and a breathtaking Northcape.

We crossed over the artic circle on the 5th day of the trip at 07.13 in the morning and later got baptized for this with ice cubes on your back on top of that with freezing cold. Cool!

Next excursion was heading up to Northcape, of almost an hour by busride. The sceneries on the way were stunning with lots of  landscapes and snowstorms. We had one of the most memorable experience of being on top of the Europe mainland. It was such a feast for my eyes that such places do exist on this planet where the nature is so beautiful and at the same time within our reach to experience it.

We did hunt the light and considered ourselves lucky because not many had the chance to HUNT IT though it was overcast and dark. We reached Kirkenes at 09.45  am where our trip came to an end and we had to return home by flight.

Those memories will relinquish in my mind forever and now I know why people do visit it quite often.

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My Voyage – By Tanel Välja

I departed from Bergen on the 9th of April, my home for the next 12 days was MS Midnatsol. One of the largest ships Hurtigruten has, yet very small, intimate and cozy when compared to the cruise ships that house 3000 passangers or more.

The classic round voyage starts from Bergen , visiting 34 ports, narrow fjords and crossing the Arctic circle. At the middle of the voyage we arrive to Kirkenes, last stop on the road, and after that we turn back and start heading back to Bergen.

Was stationed in a nice and spaceous outside cabin. Unfortunately the cabin did not see much usage, since there was always something to see on the deck, visit a new town/port or join an exciting excursion. Crashed there at nights when exhausted by the day.

My impressions

I was completely thrown by how much you can really see, visit, explore Norway and it’s life. Went on some absolutely amazing excursions to the North Cape, Sea eagle safari in Lofoten, Kirkenes Snow hotel, Etc. Saw beautiful summer in the south, snowstorms in the north and spring in the middle.

I had a voyage of a lifetime.

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Welcome to the Hurtigruten review blog!

In order for this blog to stay true to its nature, this is the only blog post written by a Hurtigruten employee and is just a welcome to everyone who participates – Welcome.

From now on, all reviews or comments will be made by passengers who have experienced Hurtigruten for themselves. To submit a review, please email

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